Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Seiko vs Grand Seiko vs Cartier Privee

Damned..when you have too many watches, this will happen.
Discovering that I had more than a handful which I have not worn yet.

And yes...these are the Cartiers, bought in 2005 to impress friends..all the wrong reasons.

The most worn, is the simple Seiko chronograph.

Then, the Grand Seikos. Although, boring in design, they were used more often than the Cartiers, which maybe I was afraid to scratch them. A rare fear from me.

Anyway...I must sell them off..because I bought at a time that the prices were good, and now, I can use the money to buy...a car for my daughter.

Just for fun, and to share with non watch lovers, this is how some crazy guys like me, buy will not wish to know the price of the Cartiers.

I think Franck Muller did a better job with the case and crystal proportions, especially the curve radii.

This watch above, is one that will never sell easily...too cheap looking for what it is.

For watch geeks, that's a repeater, but made in 2004/5, the technology sucked..and the sound is IMHO....not good.

Definetely OFF to a better home asap.

But...I think I came out well, as it was/is being sold to a collector at a good profit for me, and a good price for

Found with a box under my bed...lucky no fungus on the strap!!!

Grand Seikos, I will keep, and may still buy even more.

They are way too good to refuse.

Under priced.
I will not be surprised to see Japan boost up their adverts, and begin to build their brand name soon.

As it Grand Seikos can be hard to find.

More to see because of lack of depth of field.

 At the end of the day, this humble Honda F1 Seiko was the most pleasurable watch to wear.
This shot was taken with a Sony Nex 7, macro lens, about 5 mins shot only, no repeats.

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