Monday, 9 July 2012

Seiko Master Marine 300 automatic legend ($3,000 sgd approx) with Franck Buchwald lamps

The old, some 7 years or more..Seiko Master Marine 300 is a monocoque front loaded case wristwatch of exceptional build and finish.

Understood, and appreciated only by the confident, as it costs close to a Tudor/Rolex/Omega..this watch has a large following.

It speaks well for the mind set of collectors, as it means there are people who buy really GOOD watches, and not just for security/social position.

Anyway, here I am just posting up pics I took 30 mins ago...with the Buchwald lamps, beautiful in an orange glow.

Surrounding ourselves and our kids with things beautiful, honest and made with integrity imbibes these qualities into takes away sarcasm and makes them see the good in people. I believe in that.

This makes it unfair, to those who have not the same chance. But it illustrates a truth about wealth, and how we use it, treat others, and share.

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  1. So you do own a marinemaster! come on lets see other watches you own that does not come from the 2 million dollar collection ;)