Sunday, 8 July 2012

Testing the Sony Nex 7 (if you're damned lucky) SWIMSUIT shots

Just 4 out of 100 or more pictures.

The Nex 7 was a VERY difficult choice, I had over 5 years downgraded from a Canon full frame 1Ds to a Lumix, as seen in the Seiko visit pic.

The Sony proved to be made in Thailand, but the quality of construction is soooo good, you would find that the Leica M8 is NOT as well made..seriously, as I compared them, as an owner of both, side by side.

 Here is the Nex 7 with the only black made in China its arsenal, or rather small selection, of lenses.
BUT...I am sure that much more would appear.
If you are a macro, watch taking person..this camera is well worth it.

Being a GUY...I really don't find sceneray ..if anything, pictures of any girl, especially those of your friends...they would be only too happy to help.

A decent swimsuit is always useful.

All shots have to be retouched.

Macro lens. texture is always a I am not at all a pro.

Pics also had to be taken by a better person.

PS I don't own the copyrights of the girly pics.

BUT...I think its much more fun having girls model with swimwear than with just their faces!

That's just being a guy!

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