Sunday, 1 July 2012

Part 1 A VERY GOOD watch

The IWC cal 5000 Portugese is and remains one of 18 watches which I will keep forever.

This picture is of MY watch.

One of the first, if not among the very first few that came into being.

See....I was there in 1998. date, and the crystal is plastic....actually good, because one can easily keep it clear and wonderfully reminiscent of an era.


  1. ahhhh...I see watches here on your blog that I can never afford which are in the 4 to 5 figure value. 6 figures can just dream. ok maybe 4 figure can still try haha...I really like IWC or at first sight! So my you have any watch that is very normal,not 4 or 5 or 6 figures...but you think it's well built yet underrated and didnt cost you much?a keeper maybe? I just bought a very normal daily beater by the way. 7s26 movement seiko :) the cheap but cant stop looking at it. beautiful. :)

    1. Hello friend,
      If you asked me in 2008, I would have said IWC.
      Or a used Lange 1815, bec Lange resale damned poor., I will strongly, VERY strongly suggest Grand Seiko..a classic auto GMT with cream dial.
      I will not recomend anything I did not buy myself.