Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Dinner at Singapore's residential places..district 9/10

The strange thing about dining is LOCATION. Anyway, this is a great place to eat..and is just always crowded with local and european customers. it's a western style dining place. And most expats will feel at home here.

I like to eat at this place, because it is intimate yet informal. Service can be slightly slow.
Dolly and I dine together often. I think it is a good way, maybe the best way, to bond..especially when I am married to Dolly, who happens to be a great cook..and a refined gourmet. She has an excellent, and totally refined taste and nose. One of the best, as we discovered 25 years ago, when we were new to wine, and we were on tour at several yards in both the famous french areas as well as the then developing australian regions.

I can recall that back then in 1983 to 87, drinking wine was not as popular here..and I could find/buy a bottle of Chateau Lafitte at Harrods London 1982 for exactly $365 sgd!!! Crazy?

In the sense that the price was actually not expensive.

I normally drink CHEAP wine lah...pardon local sound "lah" for readers here.
But never get the idea that I am just a rich guy who spends money any old how.

You will be amazed that I am going to buy the Nissan Juke turbo..and keep the 911 at home.
The juke captured my heart, because of..well, the next post.

This post is something special for me..I love my wife.
And funny thing about guys..we always feel uncomfortable saying this.
But make no mistake, although you always see me posting pics of pretty girls..Dolly is the ONLY person I love. Always.
Because she has been able to understand and tolerate me, and she loves me, which is something I want to share with young marriage is perfect...but ours is one example where my wife has been giving way to me, and learning to accomodate my VERY eccentric ways.

We celebrate 25 years this year, of marriage!!!

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