Sunday, 1 July 2012

Part 12 THIS is why some watches are soooo expensive.

Others can cost more...but it may be that you are paying for "something else"...just as important. But at some companies...IWC, UN, SEIKO, Rolex, Omega...

You get engineering quality:

You are looking at views of the BALANCE spring, the pendulum of a grandfather's clock.
It swings the balance wheel, seen in the first picture, back and forth 28,800 times a min.
365 days a year. IS the heart.
Cheap mechanical watches will not have the cleanliness and total dedication to conformity.
And a good piece...will last 300 years without a service...using today's oils.

This one...will last 10,000 years. Easily.

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  1. I will learn to make beautiful pictures like this one day !

    Thanks for sharing those